Use Guideware? This course is for you! - 4C Conference 6106

Use Guideware? This course is for you!

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Long time friend of 4C, Guideware returns to the annual conference to host an 8-hour training course covering the Guideware software on April 5, 2018.

Guideware is a core component of many successful environmental compliance programs. For almost 10 years Guideware has kept facilities around the world in compliance with federal and local regulations.

Guideware specializes in the following industries and regulations:

Petrochemical Refining

  • HON
  • State & Local Regs
  • Consent Decree / ELP
  • BWON
  • Tanks
  • AWP
  • Greenhouse Gas

Oil & Gas Production

  • OOOO /KKK / W
  • Upstream
  • Midstream
  • Wells

Flares / Acoustic

The course will cover what is new in the GuideWare LDAR software, and how to utilize it’s newest, advanced features to enhance and improve your LDAR program.

Topics Covered:

What’s new in GuideWare version 2.5

Using Smart P&ID Drawings for your Inventory Jobs

GuideWare’s New Scheduling Tool

Introducing ‘GuideWare Connect’ Mobile Connection Application

Database QA/QC – The Snapshot Reporting Tool

Audit Survival Tools – Learn how to audit your own data

Setting up OOOOa in GuideWare

Inspection Workflow with an Android Tablet and the IR Camera

Introducing GuideWare Fenceline Monitoring Web Application

Guideware will host their training alongside more than 20 other professional health, safety, and environmental training courses.

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