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In-Situ Remediation of Hydrocarbon and Saltwater Impacted Soils

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Instructor(s) / Participants

Buddy Gaertner - President, Integro Solutions

Course Length

4 Hours

Course Description

The workshop would provide an overview on delineation and remediation of both hydrocarbon and saltwater contaminated soils. It will cover the major mechanisms that contribute to environmental degradation of soils due to contamination by these two constituents. These include toxic substances, hydrophobicity of soil, osmotic imbalance by dissolved solids as well as sodicity of soil. Course will include approaches to delineation of spill with considerations for both economics and diligence. Finally, it will include remediation strategies with an emphasis on in-situ strategies.

Topics Covered

  • Soil Remediation
  • Accidental Releases
  • Spills
  • Hydrocarbon Contamination
  • Saltwater Contamination

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