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Fenceline Monitoring

Fenceline Monitoring: Training, Updates & Software Automation

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Instructor(s) / Participants

Jason Robles - President, Camsco
Jesse Miller - Vice President, Camsco

Course Length

2 Hours

Course Description

From the field techs that swap out bi-weekly samples, laboratory staff that analyze tubes, consultants and onsite environmental staff, this training will provide valuable insights and information to everyone involved. Fenceline Data is due to be reported in the Spring of 2019 and the latest guidelines for submitting results to the EPA will be discussed. We will also take a comprehensive look at how TubeTrack™ Fenceline Monitoring Software automation optimizes each step of the bi-weekly process. Now that everyone has completed their first year of compliance, we expect this to be an open dialogue where peers can learn and provide help to one another.

Brief overview of topics to be covered:

• Equipment handling per Method 325 A&B
• How to handle a high benzene value
• Submitting results to the EPA
• What will the public see?
• Automation utilizing TubeTrack™

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