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EHS Emerging Technologies

Join Gensuite Experts in the Case Studies, Live Demo and Hands-on Trial to understand the values of EHS Frontier Technologies

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Instructor(s) / Participants

Doug Martin - Vice President, Gensuite, LLC
Jenny Yu - Leader Business Development, Strategy & Innovation, Gensuite, LLC -

Course Length

2 Hours

Course Description

  • EHS frontier technologies landscape and key use cases introduction (i.e. EHS mobile app, smart glasses, safety beacons)
  • Case studies of how companies deploy technologies, bring edge technologies into frontline worker’s hand, and reap return
  • Live demo, break-out discussion and hands-on trial for attendees to experience different technologies and brainstorm about practical use cases at their own facilities
  • Future envisioning: what’s it like in 2020 for EHS

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