Shirley Rivera - 4C Conference 11097

Shirley Rivera

Shirley Rivera
  • Principal Consultant | Energy, Air Quality
  • Company: Resource Catalysts (R|CAT)

My evolving endeavors are as an Air Quality & Energy Consultant, Behavior Designer, Tiny Habits® Certified Coach, and Improvisor. Collaborating with Valens Resource Group.

I connect the dots as an air quality and energy consultant, with a specialty in power generation, for project developers and affected communities. I have served this area since 1987, through the federal government, consulting, investor-owned utility, and business ownership. In 1994, I started my own consulting practice. I make sense of the air quality regulatory, compliance, and policy landscape and of the public involvement and community engagement process. I connect people with seemingly disparate perspectives to create meaningful interactions toward better air quality.

I connect the dots as a behavior designer for individuals, organizations, and communities. I am a June 2012 alum of BJ Fogg’s Behavior Design Boot Camp. I bring behavior design methods, coupled with applied improvisation, toward understanding how interactions, choice, and environment can shape workspace cultural shifts. I understand how behavior design and improv share a similar framework that serves professional and personal development.

As one of the first Tiny Habits Certified Coaches, I help people discover their superpower – forming habits quickly and easily with BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits® method. With me, folks learn how to apply tiny habits-based practices to shift behaviors toward improving environmental health & safety practices, pursuing energy program participation, pursuing learning & development, and shifting workspace culture and performance.

I continue my self-study and practice of behavior design, improvisation, and servant leadership. As part of the San Francisco improv community, I am creating and evolving Colorized Improv, more than a visual representation of diversity – an improv movement expressing social, cultural, personal experiences – cultivating equity and inclusion.