Kwasi Perry - 4C Conference 8927

Kwasi Perry

Kwasi Perry
  • Founder
  • Company: UAV Survey Inc.

Kwasi Perry is the Founder of UAV Survey Incorporated, a company that has provided drone-based services such as infrastructure inspection, mapping, aerial surveying, consulting, and training since September 2015. UAV Survey Inc has clients in Oil and Gas such as Shell; as well as in Law Enforcement (Harris County Sheriff), State Government, and Commercial Real Estate amongst others. One of the company’s biggest projects to date was providing drone-based damage assessment for the State of Florida’s Emergency Response Team for Hurricane Matthew. Another was a drone mapping project in Haiti for the University of Notre Dame.

Kwasi is a graduate student in the Geoscience Department at Texas A&M, on hiatus. Some of his experience has included work as a former intelligence analyst at the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency where he provided geospatial intelligence support in Afghanistan and Washington D.C.