Jeremy Sell - 4C Conference

Jeremy Sell

Jeremy Sell
  • Air Compliance Team Leader
  • Company: Trihydro

Mr. Sell is the Business Unit Manager for Trihydro’s Air and Process Services Business Unit. He has over 16 years of experience conducting and managing environmental projects at various sites across the western United States. During his initial 12 years with Trihydro, he was responsible for implementing corrective action projects at a Wyoming refinery. Projects involved with this facility included design, installation, and oversight of a barrier wall system; development and implementation of RFI, risk assessment, and corrective measures study work plans; oversight of remediation systems and routine groundwater monitoring programs; and design, installation, and oversight of a surface impoundment cleaning and reconstruction project. Since that time, he has joined the air compliance team and has been involved in support of various air compliance programs including LDAR, BWON, annual air emission inventories (AEI), cooling tower MACT, and refinery sector rule gap assessments. He is currently leading Trihydro’s fenceline monitoring support, as well as EPA’s proposed site remediation rule.

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