Is soil remediation your thing? - 4C Conference 6170

Is soil remediation your thing?

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Integro Solutions hosting an “in-depth” in-situ soil hydrocarbon remediation course at 4c 2018.

New for 2018, Buddy Gaertner of Integro Solutions, LLC is hosting a an 8-hour deep dive into in-situ hydrocarbon remediation course. Buddy will cover topics such as: Soil Remediation, Accidental Releases, Spills, Hydrocarbon Contamination, and Saltwater Contamination.

The full course description includes:

An overview on delineation and remediation of both hydrocarbon and saltwater contaminated soils. It will cover the major mechanisms that contribute to environmental degradation of soils due to contamination by these two constituents. These include toxic substances, hydrophobicity of soil, osmotic imbalance by dissolved solids as well as sodicity of soil. Course will include approaches to delineation of spill with considerations for both economics and diligence. Finally, it will include remediation strategies with an emphasis on in-situ strategies.

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