A Roadmap to the Future of Air Quality Permitting - 4C Conference

A Roadmap to the Future of Air Quality Permitting

Room 400

8:00 am - 10:00 am

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Course Description

In this 2-hour course, you will become aware of the resources and tools available online that can help you expedite the air quality permitting process, where you can go to access them, how to put them into action now, and what paradigm shifts are to come in the future for air quality permitting.

To determine if a project triggers federal or state permitting requirements or the current BACT for a facility, data is needed to answer these questions and many more. The permit application must contain justifications for all selections, claims, and decisions or the permitting review process gets bogged down. Learn what technologies are available today and which ones can be leveraged in the not too distant future that will accelerate the permit application preparation and review processes.

Topics Covered

Air Quality Permitting Process, Air Emissions Inventory Data, Ambient Air Monitoring Data, Air Quality Permitting Data