Flare for Experts Class #1: Flare Regulatory Compliance - 4C Conference

Flare for Experts Class #1: Flare Regulatory Compliance

Room 406

8:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Flares have found their way to the top of EPA’s list of priorities – from a National Enforcement Initiative to Consent Decrees, to NSPS Subpart Ja. The Flares Essentials course discusses the finer points of these regulations, walks you through the fundamentals of flaring, and uncovers opportunities for you to maximize your flare performance. It’s the right training at the right time to build a flares foundation for the future.

Session participants:

Troy Boley – Vice President and Co-Founder, Spectrum Environmental Solutions
Herman Holm – Director – Specialty Environmental Services, Spectrum Environmental Solutions
Rishabh Jaishankar – Technical Project Manager, Spectrum Environmental Solutions