Drone 3D Modeling, Mapping and Photogrammetry Course Utilizing Pix4DMapper - 4C Conference

Drone 3D Modeling, Mapping and Photogrammetry Course Utilizing Pix4DMapper

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Training Classes

Kwasi Perry a former Geospatial Intelligence Officer and Multi-Intelligence Fusion Specialist with the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency will provide a training course that gives an overview of drone-based Photogrammetry which includes 3D Modeling, and Mapping. This will be a combined indoor and outdoor course where the class will initially meet at a pre-selected offsite location ( we will meet in the classroom then mobilize to the offsite) to capture a photodataset in which will be processed in the classroom portion of the course. The offsite location will be within a 15 minute walk of the Austin Hilton Hotel so no ground transportation will be necessary. There will be hands on opportunities in both portions of the course for a few volunteers.

For the in class portion the students may follow along by downloading a free trial of Pix4D Mapper from www.Pix4D.com on their PC Laptops (Mac OS is no longer fully supported) as the photodataset previously captured will be shared with the class participants. This is a fully featured trial for a limited time period, so it’s best to download and register no less than a few days before the conference.

Topics will include best practices for flight planning based on desired end product, types of flight planning software, optimal environmental conditions for the best data, data outputs such as point clouds, 3D meshes, orthomosaics, digital terrain models, and KML files. A brief overview of ground control points, and precision versus accuracy will be touched on. At the conclusion of this course the students will be confident enough to start including photogrammetry into their workflow and refine their skills through tutorials and knowledgebases.

Equipment/Software Used for this Course: DJI Mavic Pro 2, Pix4D Capture App, Pix4DMapper Pro, Google Earth Pro, Earth Observing System with LandViewer Platform Satellite Imagery Suite.