CFATS 101 Panel Discussion - 4C Conference 10598

CFATS 101 Panel Discussion

Room 615AB

9:00 am - 10:00 am

Training Classes

  • What to Expect During CFATS Inspections
  • Chemical Security Inspectors conduct several types of inspections and visits to facilities, including:
    • Compliance Assistance Visits: Conducted at any stage of CFATS implementation to provide technical assistance and educate covered facilities on the CFATS regulation
    • Authorization Inspections: Conducted at a covered facility after a Letter of Authorization in order to verify that the contents listed in the facility’s authorized Site Security Plan (SSP) or Alternative Security Program (ASP) are accurate and complete, and that the equipment, processes, and procedures described are appropriate and sufficient to meet applicable performance standards
    • Compliance Inspections: Conducted after a Letter of Approval to ensure both existing and planned security measures that are identified within the approved SSP or ASP continue to be implemented fully and on schedule
  • Personnel Surety Program
    • Understanding Risk-Based Performance Standards (RBPS) 12 – Personnel Surety requires facilities to perform background checks on affected individuals (facility personnel and unescorted visitors) which includes checks to verify:
      • Identity
      • Criminal History
      • Legal Authorization to Work
      • Terrorist Ties