Refinery Sector Rule Essentials by Trihydro - 4C Conference 5447

Refinery Sector Rule Essentials by Trihydro

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This workshop will provide attendees with an understanding of the regulatory requirements and compliance deadlines associated with MACT Subparts CC and UUU promulgated February 1, 2016, collectively known as the Refinery Sector Rule. Specific regulatory requirements for storage vessels, process vents, fenceline monitoring, flares, catalytic cracking units, and other refinery process units (e.g., sulfur recovery units, reformers, and cokers) will be highlighted. This workshop will address the compliance challenges facing refineries with regard to these regulatory changes by providing real world examples. Although some compliance deadlines have passed, we will present possible tasks and a roadmap to achieve future compliance.

Tentative Outline

  • Introduction/Overview (10 minutes)
  • MACT CC – Storage Tanks (30 minutes)
  • MACT CC – Process Vents – MPVs & PRDs (30 minutes)
  • MACT CC – Fenceline (20 minutes)
  • MACT CC – Flares (30 minutes)
  • Break/Questions (20 minutes)
  • MACT UUU – FCC (30 minutes)
  • MACT UUU – Other Process Units: SRU, Reformer, Coker (20 minutes)
  • General Reporting (30 minutes)
  • Questions (20 minutes)
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