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OSI Optical Scientific Inc.

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Optical Scientific, Inc. (OSI) designs and builds the most advanced optical instruments in the world for measuring air flow, precipitation, cross winds, turbulence, and visibility.  For nearly thirty year OSI has engaged in a constant research and development program to ensure our position as world leader in optical sensor technology.

Optical Flow Sensors

OFS- 2000 series (Optical Flow Sensors) can be utilized monitor flow rates for environmental compliance, process control & combustion control.  OFS technology has proven successful in a variety of challenging applications that include high and variable opacity and dust concentrations, including wet scrubbers, flare stacks, steam lines, SRU, cat crackers and similar processes with entrained / suspended liquid droplets. OFS technology meets EPA requirements for J & JA (flow) applications and can be utilized to help companies with RSR compliance.


Optical Scientific also manufactures some of the most advanced weather sensors on the market including the Hazmet-100 portable automated weather station and the LOA (Long-baseline Optical Anemometer), which monitors cross winds and turbulence up to 10 km.   LOA-105 has received the seal of approval from the US government for EPA method 14 equivalency.