MPACT 2WO a Molex Business

MPACT 2WO a Molex Business

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4201, 4301

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Lisle, IL

Overview - mPACT2WO IIOT Solutions include next generation sensors, software, and analytics for digital-industrial transformation. The solutions help customers optimize their regulatory compliance, plant operations, assets utilization and reduce unplanned downtime.IIoT1.0 vs IIoT2.0 – IIoT1.0 (Existing Industrial IoT solutions) focused on too-much technology (models, trends and digital twins) and too-little operator adoption. mPACT2WO solutions are based on IIoT2.0 approach of minimum viable technology and first-focus on operator adoption. Operator adoption signifies a shift from gut-feel to data-driven decisions (anomalies, root-cause analysis and corrective actions). This is how IIoT2.0 approach puts the focus of industrial back into digital-industrial solutions.mPACT2WO solutions scope - Includes Air compliance, Asset Health optimization and Condition monitoring packages built ground-up integrated on mSyteTM platform. The packages include sensors and software enabling gas, corrosion, temperature, and vibration related insights. Customers can access mPACT2WO solutions at data, analytics and dashboards level for further customization & integration.