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Murfreesboro, TN

Environmental 360 strives to provide our clients with a unique client-consultant relationship that is founded on the principals of service, trust, and responsiveness, and we believe that this relationship starts with a team whose values, character, and work ethic are among the best in our field. Our company understands that in order to attract and retain these team members, the company must serve the team, not the other way around. Our philosophy at Environmental 360 entails providing the most attractive, flexible work environment possible in order to secure the top consulting talent with as little overhead as possible. A healthy balance of work and play also enables our team members to perform at their best. We empower our team members to manage their workload and schedules in a way that fosters teamwork from all departments and to “leave their ego at the door,” share their knowledge, and assist others however needed. Our client-focused firm provides environmental and natural resource consulting services to clients across the United States. Our team consists of an extremely diverse group of engineers and scientists that allows us to deliver turnkey environmental and natural resource projects in a cost-effective manner that provides peace of mind to our clients.