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Since 1991, Camsco has been the premier manufacturer, supplier and service provider for air monitoring applications utilizing Thermal Desorption Tubes (sorbent tubes).  We have manufactured over 2.5 million Thermal Desorption tubes out of our facility in Houston, TX.  Camsco was founded to provide Thermal Desorption tubes for the US militaries’ Chemical Weapons Destruction Program.  The US Military chose thermal desorption over other methods as their air sampling method of choice due to its accuracy and ease of use.  over the past several decades, Thermal Desorption tubes have proven to be a robust, highly accurate and cost effective air monitoring method.  Camsco continues to be a leader and innovator in providing the highest quality products available.  The adoption of sorbent tubes for methods such as 325, along with the ongoing US Chemical Weapons Destruction Program and the popularity of Thermal Desorption in Europe & Asia, makes Camsco the largest sorbent tube manufacturer and service provider in the world.

Today, Camsco is pioneering the evolution of Thermal Desorption tubes.  Our unique position as consultants to instrument/detector developers as well as the manufacturer of choice for TD operators provides us with information and test data available to no one else.  This knowledge has allowed the tailoring of our manufacturing methods and our raw material sourcing to provide the best results and subsequently the highest quality tubes.  This advantageous position gives Camsco valuable insight and is certainly why we are the OEM tube producer of choice in critical applications and instruments.