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Combining domain knowledge and proven track record in flare gas flow measurement from Panametrics, a Baker Hughes company as well as world-class controls expertise, flare.IQ is a complete turnkey hardware and software solution to optimize the performance of the entire flare system. flare.IQ is pre-programmed with all required algorithms necessary to address the most difficult aspects of proper flare control. For refiners in the United States, flare.IQ is designed to help you meet the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) Petroleum Refinery Sector Rule (RSR) Part 63.670. Even if you operate a flare in a non-regulated environment, the patent-pending process optimization algorithms from Panametrics, a Baker Hughes provide near-continuous feedback on flare performance and will help drive down operational cost with reduced steam and supplemental gas consumption. In addition, learn about LUMEN, our integrated monitoring technology that solves problems that conventional measurement practices critically lack the ability to manage. Inefficiencies of the past have risked severe damage and frequently failed to detect, reduce and prevent methane leaks. Learn more from Baker Hughes at 4C.