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South Lake Texas

“Bartley Air Integrity Resources (BAIR), which has transitioned from operating as B.enviroSAFE, Inc., has conducted Air Quality Consulting and Services since 1995. Our primary focus has been set on the natural gas pipeline industry. Although we have historically had a presence in both the Air Quality and Department of Transportation (DOT) of natural gas pipeline operations, BAIR’s plan is to focus primarily on Air Quality side – perfecting it by including advanced technology and streamlined operations to our unmatched customer service.

Our Services Include:
1) Emission Testing (Stack Testing)
2) Natural Gas Permitting
3) Emission Inventories
4) Greenhouse Gas Inventories and Management
5) Air Quality Consulting

With the delicate balance of progress coupled with environmental awareness practices at the forefront of today’s business commentary, we take pride in being a part of the natural gas industry and its initiatives to provide cleaner air now…and for future generations.”