ClearSign Combustion - 4C Conference 8556

ClearSign Combustion

ClearSign Combustion
  • BOOTH NUMBER: 513 – Joint booth with ASHCOR
  • LOCATION: Seattle, WA

Duplex Plug & Play™ provides a simple, pre-engineered, and standardized direct burner replacement solution for traditional refinery heaters where Duplex™ technology can be applied to great benefit. Unlike existing burner solutions, the evolution of Duplex technology into an off-the-shelf product reduces the customized engineering associated with typical retrofits while delivering unparalleled low emissions and the elimination of flame impingement.

The Plug & Play design is ideal for vertical process heaters and can be configured for a variety of gaseous fuels including natural gas, refinery fuels, and field or waste gas.

This unique “Plug & Play” design can be easily retrofitted to replace existing burners and can be inserted into an existing burner opening even while the heater is operational — on-the-fly and without the need for a costly shutdown.

Duplex Plug & Play™ brings NOx levels to below 5 ppm and eliminates flame impingement on process and shock tubes as well as burner-to burner interaction problems common among typical low-emission burners. Performance is achieved without the use of so-called “staged combustion,” excess air, catalyst, flue gas recirculation or other similar methods for reducing NOx and CO emissions within industrial fired heaters.